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A simple, no fuss detox giving you energy, reducing sugar cravings and balancing hormones

Why do a detox with me?


Effortless Detox with no complicated recipes or hard-to-find ingredients – just follow our done-for-you plan using natural, everyday items from your local supermarket.


Emotional Healing. Dive deep and discover the hidden emotions of the liver with 2 mini classes and a transformative hypnotherapy session to release stored emotions.


Unmatched Benefits. Experience reduced sugar cravings, increased energy, kickstart weight loss, beat bloating, ease inflammation, uplift mood, and balance hormones.

Better health is here, this is what you get

Delicious Juices. Salads, and Soups: Indulge in a delightful array of nutrition-packed concoctions, specially designed for a fuss-free detox experience.

Comprehensive Plan & Checklist. No guesswork – follow our easy-to-implement plan and checklist for a seamless journey towards revitalized health.

Exclusive Community Access. Join a thriving community of health enthusiasts committed to transformation, support, and positive change.

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Why is NOW the BEST time to do this?

Detox Starts April 8th. 
Don't miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your wellness journey – time is running out!

Dedicated app to keep you on track and motivated

Incredible Value at $37, you get access to a life-changing program crafted by a qualified health coach ME! This limited offering only running now

Kickstart your healing journey today with a comprehensive shopping this sent instantly


What’s Included?







15% Off All Items

Hi Welcome I’m Chloe

As a qualified health coach with over 25 years running sold-out retreats, workshops and training in Australia and overseas, my passion lies in supporting you in your journey to better health. As someone with a chronic illness who was given a bunch of tablets and told to go live my life, I struggled to find the support I needed. Now I teach others to heal using root causes, real answers, and natural protocols that actually work better than the 40 tablets a day I was. Let me help you on your journey, and start feeling good again.

Green Juices
Secure Your Spot, Time is Running Out

There is no better time to start your detox journey, let's do this together!

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