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Feeling tired, low energy and making simple decisions feels HUGE? If you've been cutting corners with self care, putting energy into others and feeling overwhelmed, then STOP, drop and sign up! This is for you. This 14 day reset program will reboot you into prioritising YOU, and get you out of survival mode, it's time to LOVE YOURSELF SICK!! If you can't care for yourself then you're no good for anyone else. I will take you through what's happening with you physically (including hormones), mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Then moving to address these issues to gently get you back into balance through creating routine, practical tasks, checklists, healing sessions & empowering you with knowledge. We will address your WHOLE health giving you awareness of the areas of your life that need a little LOVE. Gain - • Confidence • Feel happier • Get your power back • Feel inspired Sessions are short, powerful and designed to integrate into any lifestyle. It doesn't take much to create lasting change. Imagine how you will feel after taking a break to set your life up for balance & happiness. You deserve this!

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