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So you've been going through a tough time and you’re thinking, BUT WHAT DO I DO NOW? Going through loss, grief, stress or illness feel can leave you feeling frazzled, numb, overwhelmed confused and stuck all at the same time. When you’ve been in survival mode for a while, your body makes some BIG changes physically with hormones raging out of control, hair thinning, weight gain, low immunity, and your brain puts a hold on ‘non-essential’ functions to keep you safe, like - Digestion - gut issues, bloating, weight gain Emotional regulation - addiction, impulsive spending, emotional eating Problem solving - decisions, creative brain, intuition Time management - running late, losing time You might be thinking OHHHH that's why my inner guidance system is not working!! Your prefrontal cortex (command centre) of your brain literally gets blocked and puts all its energy into getting you away from the DANGER. I’m here to support you and give you simple, DONE-FOR-YOU, proven techniques to get you back into a healthy routine by retraining your mind and body, processing what has been happening, letting go of what is no longer serving and most importantly connecting with YOU. Let’s spend 14 days together, sessions are short, powerful and designed to integrate into any lifestyle. It doesn't take much to create lasting change. Imagine how you will feel IF YOU TAKE ACTION today, and break out of survival mode and set your life up for balance & happiness. You deserve this!

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Support Group - BUT WHAT DO I DO NOW

Support Group - BUT WHAT DO I DO NOW

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