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You’re not alone, a lot of people go through burnout, change or loss and the experience these feelings of not knowing what to do next or just simply needing a guiding hand to get them reset. 

The number one reason women get stuck in this rut is because they’ve overdone it or gone through a big change that they haven’t quite been able to process or they simply don’t have the energy to pick them selves back up. Unfortunately, there is a very real chance you can stay stuck in this rut, taking the best years of your life feeling down and unable to get back on track.

And the NUMBER ONE reason people stay stuck is -  they don’t know how to ask for HELP!


No more dragging your feel, decision fatigue, and feeling overwhelmed

Imagine waking up with
energy & feeling inspired
about life again?

Choose You

My signature program is designed to help you go from survival mode of ‘trying to do it all’ yet somehow putting yourself last & making everyone else happy.

To putting yourself first, feeling RESET, empowered to make change, hopeful & excited about the future.


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I met Chloe ata time in my life where i really didn’t know where I was heading. I was overwhelmed, just had a new Bub & was trying to run a business, do it all and show up in my life, i was struggling to know who i was anymore. My self confidence was low, Chloe helped me to take a step back and see the areas of my life that needed addressing. I can’t believe how much a needed that mind shift to get me where I am today. Chloe changed my like, I dont know where I would be if I didn’t come across her. 

Team at work


Chloe has the most calming presents, I was in such a challenging time in my life when i fist found her workshops. I can tell you how much I needed someone to just tell me to stop, get quiet and rest my life 

Happy Female Gardener


Literally life changing! I cannot explain how low i was when i saw Chloe’s program pop up. It make me gain awareness in the ares of my life that weren’t working for me. I feel so grateful I got the change to get my life back on track, couldn’t be happier with where I’m at.

You’re not alone

A lot of woman I’ve worked with feel the same as you, they often…


Why this is important to me

After struggling with a debilitating chronic illness, divorce and the most stresssful few years of my life, I realised something needed to change. I healed myself through horticulture practices after TRYING IT ALL! This strengthens my belief that we are all our own healers, and i developed a blueprint on how to get back up when you fall down. 
After working with thousands of woman running sold out workshops & international retreats, I created a program that had everything you need to reset & connect with the most important person in your life…YOU!

Chloe Potter


Why it woks

This program came out of a REAL life crossroads. It’s a lived in, authentic experience which has been tried and tested over and over again. This isn’t any cookie cutter solution. Real life problems need real life solutions. This is why this program works


Practical and simple tasks to get you thinking about how you wan your life to look. This isn’t just a ‘I’ll talk lots and you listen’ type of program. This is for YOU to make REAL & lasting change. It’s not just what we say, its the actions we make that

create new habits.

Trackable checklist of healthy habits and new routines to get you back on track to a more balanced state of mind. Getting you clear on what’s missing from your daily routine

This program puts you first. You’ll be looking at way to start thinking about your own needs. It’s so important to care for yourself which then makes you stronger to care for others.

I’m giving you a priceless opportunity to STOP, reflect and re-write your story. How often do you have the chance to objectivity look at your life and get the perspective to reset everything.

This is a done for you, blueprint to get back on track program. All you need to do is show up, participate and follow along. It couldn’t be easier. I will help

you be accountable for for your

own future happiness.

So is this for me?


So is this for me?

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