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Feeling like you don’t know who you are anymore? 

Have the last few years left you feeling a bit lost, confused and not know who you are, what you want and how to get out of it? It’s ok, you are not alone

Green Leaves

If you’ve gone through loss, change and your life has turned upside down, its hard to get yourself back on track and come up with a whole health - mental, spiritual, physical and emotional plan. You know you’ve got it in you but somehow the rules have changed and you no longer know how to make yourself happy? It’s time for a WHOLE life cleanse, plan and strategy session.


This is for you if

your struggling with confidence

Finding it hard to connect

Feeling like there’s something more your not getting

Everyday feels like groundhog day

 You feel like you don’t know yourself

Your feeling stuck and your energy is blocked

Your finding it hard to relate to the people around you

You know you were MEANT FOR MORE

You need your own eat, prey love moment

You keep thinking about the person you used to be

You’ve tried yourself, but no breakthrough

You’ve worked hard, but nothings changed

Sometimes in life big things happen that stop you in your tracks, and its hard to navigate your way out. It’s easy to get suck in the cycle of grief, and question your self

‘why aren’t I doing better, why can’t i move forwards’ If this is you, then I totally get it, we are our own worst critics. If you’ve been trying to manage on your own and you’re still stuck, don’t give yourself a hard time. This shit is hard, and

It time to do the hardest thing you’ll ever do


I’m so grateful you made it here, I know what its like to feel completely lost and dissociated from your own self and life. I know what t alike to outgrow the people around you and crave for something what you cont quite put your finger on,, because you need help to get there. 


This program is the blued print i developed to get myself out of the most challenging and darkest time of my life. Bed ridden with a chronic illness, I lost most of my friends, my marriage broke down and I went through the loneliest time in my life. I also lost the ability to work in my chosen career as a dancer, yoga teacher, healer and wellness coach. I ran large scale workshops helping thousands of women, yet i could even help myself. I struggled to walk, talk, had suspected breast cancer, brain tumour, almost lost my eye sight and was subject to years of barbaric treatments and tests.

I felt worthless, defeated and at times I couldn’t see the way out.


In the end, i got to breaking point, I stopped it all and healed myself. This is my love letter to you, things can change, you CAN heal and life will become better than you ever expected. 

Healing is not just one thing, its a combination of the right tools used together to help you create the life you dream. Of and help you become who you were always TRUELY meant to be. We are not on this planet to do it all alone, its not easy to navigate a healing path back to yourself.

I’m here to guide you, share what finally got me back to a healthy, happy self. Something which i never felt was possible. I used to think that hope as a dangerous thing, but now I’m not afraid to hope for the best life possible. And i want that for you, everyone deserves happiness. 

This course is a strategic program developed to ease your way back to yourself, we look at the road blocks, who you want to be, your hobbies, friends, nutrition, and create healthy, productive rituals and habits which will drive you forwards to success. 

By success I mean - happiness, peace, clarity, intuition, strength, and hope.

I know you have it in you, ARE YOU READY TO TAKE YOUR POWER BACK? 

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