Stress & Anxiety

Do you suffer from stress or anxiety? Maybe you struggle to wind down and relax? Stressing about things that haven't happened yet can be exhausting and debilitating. Focusing on things you can control can cause your cortisol level to soar, affecting your immune system, adrenals, decision making and ability to make clear decisions. Anxiety can also dramatically affect your relationships including how you feel about yourself. Anxiety can bring out that 'inner mean voice' making your feel lost, confused physically sick. 

Believe me, I get it! After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia & other complications, my ANXIETY was terrible. I still manage my stress levels every day by learning to say 'NO' more often and practising self-care habits and rituals, a BIG part of this is sound healing.

Stress stems from thinking about the future and being in the 'flight and fight' response. Stress levels escalate your cortisol levels, lower your immune response and play havoc on your hormones. It also blocks your natural decision-making process, clouding your intuition.

if you want to -

  • Reduce your stress levels

  • Improve immunity

  • Get rid of decision fatigue

  • Switch on intuition

  • Gain the ability to RELAX


Hi, my name is Chloe and I've tried it all, my anxiety stems from my chronic illness, when my body flares up I become riddled with anxiety as my pain levels increase. Reducing STRESS is the absolute KEY to better health and happiness. My solution came from trying many medications and experiencing that they cause more issues than they solve. Out of my own struggles with mental health, I worked with international sound healers, my healing skills as a yoga therapist and hypnotherapist to create these totally PRACTICAL stress relief sessions. 

And the best part?

  • Listen anywhere, anytime

  • Hypnotic and instant RELIEF

  • The more you listen the better the results

  • Affordable with instant download

  • Listen on your phone with lifetime access

I'm so excited for you to get the relief you deserve and the relaxation you need! You deserve it.

Chloe xox

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