Do you suffer from pain? If you've made your way here, I have so much empathy for what you're going through. It doesn't matter if it's general pain or chronic pain, it wears you down and makes you sensitive, depressed, irritable and not in the mood to socialize and people!

Believe me, I get it! After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia & other complications, I suffered from unbearable chronic pain through every fibre of my body, which directly linked to my mental health, in turn affecting my ability to function. It's been a long journey from where I started, however, there are natural and EXTREMELY effective solutions to manage or STOP your pain completely. Let's go on this journey together.

Learning to manage your pain stems from understanding your pain pathways. The mind is a powerful thing, I use science mixed with healing practices to help your nervous system and pain receptors to calm down, creating relief and comfort

if you want to -

  • Reduce pain levels

  • Increase serotonin (happy hormones)

  • Feel rested & pain-free

  • Improve your emotional tolerance

  • Get rid of the groggy brain fog

  • Feel comfortable in social situations


Hi, my name is Chloe and I've tried it all, including being part of a PAIN study in the hospital. My solution came from trying many medications and experiencing that they cause more issues than they solve. Out of my own struggles with the terrible CHRONIC PAIN, I worked with international sound healers, my own healing skills as a yoga therapist and hypnotherapist to create these totally PRACTICAL pain relief sessions. 

And the best part?

  • Listen anywhere, anytime

  • Hypnotic and instant RELIEF

  • The more you listen the better the results

  • Affordable with instant download

  • Listen on your phone with lifetime access

I'm so excited for you to get the relief you deserve and have the ability to function and get on with your life! You deserve it.

Chloe xox

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