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With  Chloe Potter


- Chloe Potter

Hello, my name is Chloe and I have lived and breathed health and wellness my entire life. I have worked & trained in the wellness industry as a master personal trainer, martial arts expert, professional dancer, health and lifestyle coordinator, health coach, personal development teacher, coach, yoga therapist and teacher. I loved my life and lived each day to the fullest, always running and living each moment to the fullest...UNTIL I was struck down with a chronic illness, it changed my whole life, everything I thought I knew was no longer certain or important. I felt lost, confused and I wasn't the same person anymore. I felt broken & venerable. Somehow in the midst of feeling terrible, I started to unpack my life, I started to see how it made sense that I had ended up where I was. I went back to basics and began to relearn what health is on a WHOLE level - wellness, self-care and health took on a whole new meaning. I have learnt so much on my journey, I often joke that the universe has given me every experience so I can tell the story and share it in my work. I have new golden nuggets of lessons that have defined who I am today. If you are like me, then you are HERE for it! you want to learn how to look after yourself the best way you can, you've been searching for something more and deep down you know that you are connected to something bigger than you. Let's make changes together, join me on this journey where we go there - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Let's do this WOOHOO with a bit of WOO-WOO!!

Chloe xox





L E T   T H A T  G O  II  F U L L  M O O N   Workshop



Imagine if your could let go of the shit holding you back, releasing negative energy, guilt, shame, grief, sadness, anxiety, expectations from others and yourself. How would you feel if you didn't have to carry that weight around? Free your self and learn the art of self-care, manifestation, intention setting and a whole bunch of easy, every day woo-woo techniques and rituals to keep yourself, your home and your future dreams buzzing with AMAZING, positive energy. Get what you want and decide to choose YOU today. I would hate to have you come back here in 5 years time and nothing has changed. This is a priceless experience where you can reset the trajectory of your life, this is the moment, change happens in an instant, make that moment now. Time is your biggest currency, don't waste it being unhappy.

let's do it! WOOHOO

Chloe XOX



Useful & simple ideas, online courses to share my knowledge of over 20 years of working in health & wellness. Learn how to create a healthy body & mind. This is your spot for eating plans, detox programs, health management, yoga therapy, pain management & healing from injury & illness using modern technology with ancient practices.



When you're feeling disconnected & lost, its time to go within. Self-reflection & growth can be incredibly hard. Let me guide you through your journey of change. Online courses & healing meditations using ancient & intuitive wisdom. I have the ability to connect with people intuitively & energetically to bring about healing. My healing sessions are paired with crystals, essential oils & frequency music



Home is where the heart is? My home has been my sanctuary. This is where I LOVE sharing my DIY tips, natural skincare and beauty products, plants & YUMMY cooking with my fave organic, low sugar, anti-inflammatory, gluten-free foods. I'll also share the best retreats, relaxing getaways, healthy eating spots & coastal lifestyle.



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