This is a beautifully curated protection, healing & cleansing kit, with cleansed & blessed crystals, a gold plated Mati evil eye protection pendant, hand rolled pure 100% silk scarf, hand poured jasmine & crystal candle, blessed & cleansed crystal elixir spray, Palo Santo holywood sticks, charged rock salt, dipped gold feather, and a giant stunning abalone shell. All ethically & sustainably sourced.


What a great way to say bye bye to the old & hello to the new. What a great way to Let go of what is no longer serving you & make fresh new energy and room for amazing new things to come. This kit is designed for you to make your own private ceremony to let go & protect & heal yourself. A great self love gift or a gift for someone who needs a little boost in their lives.


Let That Shit Go Kit

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