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Life is so busy, I get it. You have a hundred tabs open in your brain and you can't catch a break. You want to make time for yourself but where do you start? Some weeks it feels like your barely getting by and you wonder how everyone else is doing it so effortlessly? 


Lack of sleep impacts pain and pain causes anxiety, and anxiety causes pain & sleep issues - it's a vicious circle.


BUT DON'T WORRY! I have the solution & it worked for me instantly. Ditch the medications that cause more issues than they solve and try this, the more you listen the better the results. You'll get 


 ðŸ‘‰ 3 x pain relief sessions

 ðŸ‘‰ 3 x anxiety relief sessions

 ðŸ‘‰ 3 x fall asleep sessions


Sync your brain waves & reduce anxiety, pain and improve sleep with these AMAZING hypnotherapy sessions bundle, fully recorded and produced using international composers with ultimate relaxation in mind, so you can heal anywhere, anytime. You'll have everything you need to heal and maintain a healthy nervous system


This is so much more than talk therapy. I'm using sound frequency technology to speak directly to your unconscious to make real change and the best part? All you need to do is sit back, relax and DO NOTHING!! I'm doing all the work for you, pop your earbuds in and let the magic happen.


Feeling anxious, overwhelmed & indecisive? I got ya! What's in these?


👉 Sound healing

👉 Ancient frequency hertz

👉 Crystal energy

👉 Breathwork

👉 Hypnotherapy


Yep! This is jam-packed full of healing goodness to help you feel safe, confident & relaxed. All from your device on the go!


Today you get lifetime access to 9 x healing sessions, that's almost 5 hours of healing you can do at home or on the go, hypnotherapy can cost thousands of dollars, you'll get this entire bundle for $57


It's that easy, what are you waiting for?


I'm so excited for you to take control of your healing journey!


  • Can I listen straight away?

    Yes it's an instant download in mp3 files you can add straight to your playlist or device


    How long do I have access to it?

    It's all yours for a lifetime!


    Will this make me feel groggy?

    These tracks will relax your nervous system helping you to feel calmer, more focused & relaxed


    Are you going to make me do weird things?

    No! Hypnotherapy is using your creative brain to problem solve. I am creating positive suggestions to your unconscious to be happier & healthier


    How does this work?

    Sound frequency & binaural beats have been used as far back as ancient Egypt. These sound waves sync with your brain waves, lowering stress & regulating your nervous system, it's science!

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