So nice to meet you

Hi, I'm Chloe, as a qualified hypnotherapist, yoga therapist and health coach I live all things holistic health.


I have worked in the field of health & wellness for over 20 years, following my passion to help women look at their whole health, and break free from the things that hold them back from living happy & healthier lives.


My drive for holistic health comes from my own struggles with chronic illness, finding new & effective ways to find healing and balance. My ability to look outside the box & apply alternative treatments has given me the ability to guide others & have a positive effect on their lives long term.


I have an intuitive, open-minded approach to health & healing. Everybody is different and there is no one size fits all.

I have run thousands of workshops, retreats & classes. the most common comment I would get was;


'I wish I could take your voice home with me, it makes me feel so relaxed' 

When I became chronically sick I struggled to find a medication that I could tolerate, this is when I discovered the key to managing stress, health & illness. I studied hypnotherapy from bed & started working with international sound healing composers to create a new and innovative alternative healing experience that is based on science & ancient wisdom. This changed my health journey.


5 facts about me
1  I LOVE coffee but it makes me super anxious so I can't have it often, boo!


2  My healing place is the beach, It always gives me a reset


3  I'm absolutely a star trek nerd and I also love old fashion Jane          Austin movies. I know right, a bit of a contrast!


4  I have a chronic illness that I battle every day, which is my WHY for everything I do  


5  I'm a massive introverted extrovert & I love being home

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